General Services

Q: Why Wordvice? Our editors are here to help you maximize your impact!

Our editors are scholars like you, with the advantage of having years of valuable editing experience. Because they are familiar with the publication process, they understand the scrutiny your manuscript must undergo.

Our proofreaders and editors are each carefully selected to work on your assignments based on subject familiarity and experience. Each editor is trained to comb through your drafts to clarify your writing (including grammar, language use and sentence structure) and make sure you that your polished research paper allows publication houses and peer reviewers to assess your work for its merit and not language technicalities.

We know that you have many pressures to balance as a research scholar. With Wordvice, you can be assured that one of the most important aspects of your academic career—publishing compelling manuscripts—will be in safe hands.

Q: Who is proofreading my documents?

All of our editors are native English speakers with many years experience advising prospective students like you. When you choose to work with us, our customer service team will hand select the right editor for your needs, and when the revisions are done, our Quality Assurance Team will conduct a final review before final delivery to you.

Q: What does the proofreading and editing service include?

We tailor our services to fit your needs. When you submit an order with us, our customer care team examines your specific comments, document type and desired turnaround to match you with the best editor. Our services include:
- Proofreading (grammar, spelling and punctuation)
- Terminology and language use
- Concise writing (word count)
- Coherent logic
- Clarity
- Style
- Substantive feedback on topic development
- Formatting to conform with applicable style guides

Q: Do you check for plagiarism?

No, we do not check for plagiarism. However, please note that we strongly discourage plagiarism of any kind. While we will revise whatever draft you provide us, checking for plagiarism is your sole responsibility.

Q: Can I communicate with my editor while he or she is proofreading my document?

Yes, we have a built-in chat function on our website. Once you place an order, you can click on the button in the top-right corner of your screen and begin typing into the chat box. Messages will be automatically delivered to your editor. This eliminates the hassle of emailing back and forth throughout the editing process.

Q: Can I leave comments for an editor to some parts of my document?

Yes, you can, and we highly encourage it! To leave a comment in a Microsoft Word document, highlight the information for which you would like to leave a note. Then click “Comment” under the “Insert” heading and type in the message you would like to leave.

Q: Will my writing be kept confidential?

Yes, any document you submit to us will be kept edited in strict confidence. We ensure that your documents are only accessible by your assigned editor, our Quality Assurance Team and our Customer Care Team. All of our editors have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, your written work is guaranteed to stay private and protected. [See our privacy policy.]

Q: Can I make changes after submitting my document?

Given, the work flow and quick turnaround, we regret that you will not be able to submit additional changes while your document is being processed by us. Therefore, if you want us to review any additional changes, you will need to submit a separate order for that section.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, given the work flow and quick turnaround, the moment you submit your document and make payment, your work is quickly assigned to the best editor for your document. As such, cancellations are not possible.

Q: Why has my order been canceled?

Your order may have been canceled due to the following reasons: (1) incorrect word count; (2) document access issues; or (3) your document was not in English. If your order has been canceled, you will be contacted by our Customer Care department for payment adjustment (in the case of incorrect word count) or refund. If you have specific questions about your canceled order, please contact Customer Care.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Our editors are available to proofread and edit your documents 24/7.

Technical Issues

Q: How do I calculate the word count?

You can determine the word count of a document in Microsoft Word by clicking on the "Word Count" function in the “Tools” heading or under the "Review" tab.

Q: What types of files can you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word (doc, docx, rtf) documents. We also accept PDF and LaTeX. However, we cannot edit LaTeX files directly. We ask that you export or copy and paste your LaTeX text into a Microsoft Word document or other .rtf or .txt editor. Your editor will leave any programming commands intact. This way we can edit in Microsoft Word, and you can simply copy and paste the edited text back into LaTeX.

Q: Can I track changes that were made to my document?

Yes, you can track changes. Our editors use track changes in Microsoft Word to clearly show where edits and suggestions have been made. To view the history of changes made to your document, open your file, click the "File" menu, and select "See revision history."

Pricing and Payments

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, and any debit or credit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmericanExpress.

Q: Where can I find my invoice?

With PayPal, you will receive an automatic invoice. If you use another payment method and need an invoice, please send us an email.

* For further details please visit the Terms & Conditions page and Contact Us for more questions.

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