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Most of our veteran editors have advanced degrees and have conducted research in various academic fields. As such, they are well-equipped to help you edit your journal manuscripts. When you submit your research paper for editing, we ensure that your paper is assigned to the editor best familiar with your field of research. We have helped thousands of researchers overcome language barriers and get their works published in journals like the ones below. We hope that you will join this successful group by letting us edit your manuscripts so that your research tells a clear and compelling story.
  • "Association between the number of teeth and hypertension in a study based on 13,561 participants"

    Shin, H.S., Ulji University

    Journal of Periodonology

    Jan, 2018

  • "Designing for Value: Insights from the Emotional Appraisal Approach to Understanding User Value"

    Yu, Eun, Seoil University

    The Design Journal

    Jan, 2018

  • "Exploring the Transformative Impacts of Service Design: The Role of Designer-client Relationships in the Service Development Process"

    Yu, E., Seo Il University

    Design Studies

    Nov, 2017

  • "A two-step offset calibration in dynamic comparator using body voltage control"

    Kim, J.I., KAIST

    IEICE Electronics Express

    Oct, 2017

  • "Aloe-Emodin Enhances Tamoxifen Cytotoxicity by Suppressing Ras/ERK and PI3K/mTOR in Breast Cancer Cells"

    Chen, D.R., Changhua Christian Hospital

    American Journal of Chinese Medicine

    Mar, 2017

  • "AMLCD glass mirror constant and crack flaw size in non-crack LCD panels."

    Kim, S.J., Samsung Display

    Journal of Information Display (J. Inf. Disp.Taylor & Francis)

    Mar. 2017

  • "Service Design as an Approach to Implement the Value Cocreation Perspective in New Service Development"

    Yu, E., Seo Il University

    Journal of Service Research

    Mar, 2017

  • "The new Korean action plan for containment of antimicrobial resistance"

    Yu, S., Korea University

    Journal of global antimicrobial resistance

    Mar, 2017

  • "Evaluating Representativeness of Qualitative Text Data in Identifying UX Issues."

    Lee, Y.L., Seoul National University

    International Journal of HCI

    Feb. 2017

  • "IL-23 secreted by bronchial epithelial cells contributes to allergic sensitization in asthma model."

    Seoul National University

    American journal of physiology-Lung cellular and Molecular Physiology APS Vol.312

    Jan, 2017

  • "Association between Second-Hand Smoking and Laryngopathy in the General Population of South Korea"

    Byun, H., Honam University

    PloS one

    Nov, 2016

  • "An Analysis of Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Survival Patterns for the Prediction of Total Energy Consumption ..."

    Lee, H. , Seoul National University


    Sep, 2016

  • "Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and Increased Levels of Metabolic Syndrome Components and Beta Cell Function in Obese Korean Adults."

    Yoon, H., Hanlyo University

    Endocrine Journal (SCI)

    Feb. 2017

  • "A 65nn cmos 7b 2gs/s 20.7mw flash adc with cascaded latch interpolation"

    Kim, J.I., KAIST

    Journal of solid state circuit

    July, 2016

  • "Animated Visualization of Meteorological Phenomena Using Google Earth "

    Choi, J.W., Gachon University

    ASTL Vol.137

    July, 2016

  • "Fast generation of high-quality computer-generated hologram using a scalable and flexible PC cluster"

    Song, J.S. , Hanyang University

    Applied Optics

    Accepted, Mar, 2016

  • "Survival Impact of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in Masaoka Stage II to IV ..."

    Lim, Y.J. , Seoul National University Hospital

    International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics

    April, 2016

  • "An EffectiveRange Ambiguity Resolution for LEO Satellite with Unknown Phase Deviation"

    Cho, S.W., Korea Aerospace Research Institute


    Feb, 2016

  • "The Impact of Conglomerate farming on the Poor: Empirical Evidence from Brazil Soy Sector"

    Choi, S.J. , UST

    International Area Studies Review

    Dec, 2015

  • "Development of a Vehicle System Model for the First Medium- and Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards in Korea"

    Lee, H., Seoul National University

    SAE 2015 ComVec

    Oct, 2015

  • "Visual Interaction for Spatiotemporal Content using Zoom and Pan with Level-of-Detail"

    Seo, D., UST


    Accepted, Nov. 2014

  • "In-Memory File System for Non-Volatile Memory"

    Kim, H.J., Sungkyunkwan University

    ACM Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems

    Oct 2013

  • "Parametric estimation of structural similarity degradation for video transmission over error-prone networks"

    Kwon, Y.J. , Yonsei University

    IET Electronics Letter

    Published, Aug. 2013

  • "Non-negative matrix factorization based adaptive noise sensing over wireless sensor networks"

    International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks

    Accepted, Mar. 2014

  • "Variable step-size affine projection sign algorithm"

    Yoo, J.W., POSTECH

    IEEE Transaction on Circuit and Systems

    Accepted, Mar. 2014

  • "Noise variance estimation based on dual-channel phase difference for speech enhancement"

    Digital Signal Processing

    Published, Mar. 2014

  • "An Interactive Robot facilitating Social Skills for Children"

    ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction


  • "Mode shift control for a dual-mode power-split-type hybrid electric vehicle"

    Hong, S.H. , Sungkyunkwan University

    Journal of Automobile Engineering

    Published, Feb. 2014

  • "Optimization of an oil charge amount on electric driven scroll compressor for eco-friendly vehicle"

    Nam, D.L., Yonsei University

    International Journal of Refrigeration

    Accepted, May. 2015

  • " Collective heterogeneous sensor mashup for enriched personal healthcare activity logging"

    Seo, D. , KIST


    Jan 9-12, 2015

  • "Tour Cloud Mobile: Helping tourists acquire the information effectively using three types of views"

    Kim, J., UST


    Jan 9-12, 2015

  • "The number of teeth is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome:A Korean Nationwide Population-Based Study"

    Shin, H.S., Eulji University

    Journal of Periodontology

    Aug, 2017

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