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Admissions Essay Editing Services

With increasing numbers of students applying to colleges and universities worldwide each year, getting admitted into the school of your choice isn’t as easy as it used to be. According to one estimate, as many as 20 million people per year in the United States alone apply to one or more of the 4,300 higher education institutions. Therefore, evidence of academic performance (including SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, GPA, etc.), along with extracurriculars, volunteer work, and personal projects, is as important as ever in your application. But another critical factor in getting admitted to a top school is the college or graduate admissions essay.

Admissions essays help convince college admissions officers and graduate school faculty that you are a good fit for their institution. Personal essays give readers a window into your academic interests, achievements, goals, and plans…but more importantly, they offer an opportunity to showcase your intelligence and communication skills. In college admissions essays (such as the Common Application Essay or the University of California’s Personal Insight Questions), students are asked to demonstrate their special accomplishments, skills, characteristics, difficulties, and worldviews--this can be done by writing a personal narrative, a reflection of a time in which you overcame a difficulty, and/or your objectives as a student. Graduate essays such as the Statement of Purpose and the Personal Statement provide graduate faculty members with vital information about your educational background, academic achievements, scholarly and professional goals, and any lessons you have learned throughout your academic journey. Furthermore, Letters of Recommendation from professors and colleagues are often requested to attest to your work ethic and strengths in an academic or professional environment.

Whatever admissions documents you are submitting to colleges, universities, or employers, Wordvice has editing services that will enhance your writing and make your story more compelling to your target readers. All of our admissions editors are native English speakers with many years’ experience advising prospective students like you, and many have attended top schools in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

We not only carefully proofread your essay for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but also revise for clarity, natural terms and expressions, and tone to improve your paper’s impact. Our editors provide substantive comments about language, development, and essay content to help you improve your writing in future work.

Your admissions essay, CV, or cover letter should portray your achievements, skills, and personal character in a positive light to college and university officials and potential employers. Wordvice Admissions Editing clarifies your writing, highlights your strengths, and helps you show your prospective schools and employers that you will be a valuable asset to their school or company.

Wordvice provides timely, high-quality English proofreading and editing services when you need them. With around-the-clock support and guaranteed deadlines of as little as 9 hours, we are an affordable one-stop shop for all your admissions document needs. We strive to help make your academic and professional dreams a reality.

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    Admissions Essays
  • Scholarship
    Application Essays
  • Recommendation Letters/
    Academic CVs
  • Full proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics)
  • Correct terminology and language use
  • Concise writing (word count reduction)
  • Readability and flow of language
  • Clarity and word choice
  • Style and natural English expressions
  • Constructive comments about writing
  • Attention to specific instructions provided by authors
  • 100% accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics
  • Compelling admissions essays that are ready for submission
  • Qualified admissions experts with extensive essay-editing experience
  • Delivery as fast as 9 hours
  • 24/7 customer support

Wordvice Editing Stats

Since 2015, our admissions experts have proofread and edited more than 55,000 school admissions and application essays for over 30,000 clients. Our experienced editors ensure that your application essays stand out from those of other applicants. We have revised essays submitted to graduate and PhD programs, MBA programs, medical schools, and many other professional and academic programs. Many of our clients have been accepted to some of the best universities in the world, including MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, and Berkeley.

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Who Are Our Editors?

Wordvice works with highly qualified editors with years of language editing and proofreading experience. We have over 500 professional editors with PhDs and advanced degrees and subject expertise in nearly 2,000 academic fields.

Physical Sciences & Engineering

6 years of editing experience

Ph.D, Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Subject Area Expertise

Anatomy, Anthropology, Applied Economics, Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, and more

Social Science

30 years of editing experience

Ph.D, Energy Engineering
University of Kentucky

Subject Area Expertise

Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, and more

Bioscience & Medicine

10 years of editing experience

Ph.D, Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California, Berkeley

Subject Area Expertise

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Oncology, and more

Energy Engineering

3 years of editing experience

Master's, Energy Engineering
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Subject Area Expertise

Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Engineering, and more

Art & Humanities

6 years of editing experience

Master's, Social sciences
University of Chicago

Subject Area Expertise

Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and more

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Our professional editors revise your draft, paying great attention to context, purpose, authorial voice, and word count. We guarantee 100% language accuracy while improving clarity and strengthening your essay’s organization and flow. Our job is to improve your writing so that you can share your compelling story with prospective schools.

  • Eliminate grammatical errors (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  • Substantive feedback on topic development
  • Reduce word count (up to 10% of document)
  • Replace and revise words and phrases to improve readability
  • Revise for coherent logic and clarity
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Client Reviews

Angelica is a great editor, she not only corrects your mistakes but tells you why it is wrong so you do not do the same mistakes twice. I highly recommend using their services if you are trying to get a paper that is not only perfect with no errors, but also is written more naturally in a way that university faculty will respect. I will use Wordvice for future essays.

Simply put: Amazing! The edits changed my paper in a manner that was appealing to the admissions officer and I probably would not have been able to create a compelling essay independently. The editor revised the essay in detail (including minor punctuation errors). Any unnatural expressions and wordiness were fixed and tonal consistency was achieved. It is great that the context of my essay was understood and the editor had provided revisions that could retain my authorial intent. Thank you for the overall feedback on my personal statement; I loved the vocabulary and sentence suggestions. The user interface is easy to navigate and the team at Wordvice was available 24/7 throughout the process. Overall, it seemed like the editor understood what I wanted to discuss and the focal points in my essay.

Reviews from Our Academic Editing Service Clients

  • Mary Helen Tran Oct-22-2020

    Lara took the time and effort to provide detailed feedback and suggestions for my essay. Thank you Lara.

  • Aijan Boron Oct-21-2020

    Very much happy with the final result

  • Erik P Oct-19-2020

    Great editing

  • Allen Baylosis Oct-16-2020


  • Rishi Bhatnagar Oct-14-2020

    It was good.

  • Maeve Ritchie Oct-14-2020

    Sadhna’s revisions were very in-depth and helpful and I definitely think my essay has improved drastically!

  • Adi K Oct-12-2020

    The changes in my essay have made it sound more professional.

  • Erik P Oct-11-2020

    Good editing and feedback. Thanks!

  • Adi K Oct-11-2020

    After editing, my essay reads much more smoothly and looks professional. Michael has made helpful and thorough edits, such as grammar, word choice, and more. He gave me suggestions of how he rewrite a given sentence.

  • Nakamura Ginji Oct-09-2020

    Thank you for reviewing my resume. Your review was so nice because you corrected my sentences, which I didn't know how to write correctly. Especially, it was the first time for me to hear "ABD". Thank you so much.

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