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Wordvice editors strive to create perfectly revised documents that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Hundreds of academic manuscripts we have edited have been published in top scientific publications like Nature, IEEE, and Science journals. And thousands of our admissions clients have been admitted into the colleges and universities of their choice. Read just a few of the many excellent success stories in which Wordvice is proud to have played a role.

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Client Reviews of Our Editing Services

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Reviews from Our Service

  • anan arisha Sep-19-2023

    Loyal and dedicated professional work A tremendous effort is made

  • hongrui hong Sep-14-2023

    The editor did a good job!

  • R. T. Sep-13-2023

    The editing service exceeded my expectations. The editor followed the instructions meticulously, resulting in a highly satisfying outcome. Truly an outstanding job!

  • Emrah AKSAKAL Sep-08-2023

    Thank you very much for your precious efforts. I would also like to thank you for the little tips you put as explanations next to the text.

  • Nisha Jayswal Sep-07-2023

    My daughter loved the feedback provided. Niki was through in her job.

  • Tan Doan Aug-23-2023

    Thank you for editing our paper. It helps to upgrade the manuscript a lot.

  • Tomas Delgado Alvarez Aug-21-2023

    Priscilla is an amazing editor and made my law school personal statement even stronger. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to build a strong personal statement for any graduate program.

  • Jamal Ali Aug-08-2023

    I am truly grateful to Niki P. for her exceptional work as an editor for my chapter in the neuroscience research - new book. As a second pair of eyes, she meticulously combed through the entire chapter. She offered valuable edits and insightful suggestions that greatly enhanced the quality of the written chapter in the field of neuroscience photonics research, which spans physics, optics, biology, and medicine. It's worth noting that a previous paper she edited for me was seamlessly published without any corrections required by the journal editor. Thank you so much, Niki! I highly recommend her services & WORDVICE!

  • Jon Andre Berg Aug-05-2023

    Excellent explanations

  • laura jimbu Aug-03-2023

    Excellent review and proofing. I am very satisfied.