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Your script or screenplay has stand-out characters, an excellent premise, and a story that will captivate your audience. But before you can get your work seen on the big screen or small stage, you need to craft a polished, professionally formatted script. Our script editing services will help get your artistic work over the finish line and receive the green light.
Script Editing Services

The Script Editing Process

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    Submit your script in the form of an MS Word doc. Include any needed instructions for the editor in terms of style, formatting, or other issues.

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    Our Script Editors Revise Your Work

    Wordvice editors hail from diverse writing and publication backgrounds. Interact with your editor during the editing process with our internal messaging system.

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    Script editors enhance flow and readability of your script or screenplay. We promise zero objective errors remaining in your edited work.

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Who Are Our Essay Editors?

Our Expert Script Editors

Wordvice editors have revised hundreds of manuscripts and treatments for plays, films, and other performance projects. Whether you are submitting a screenplay to a big studio or looking to polish your script before independent filming, our script editing services ensure that your work will be more readable and accessible to audiences.

Features of Our Script Editing Services

  • Script Proofreading & Copy-editing

    Script proofreading includes:

    • Correction of typographical and punctuation errors
    • Fixing grammar and syntax errors (considering artistic license)
    • Reducing word count (up to 10% of total text)

    Our proofreading services ensure that your script or screenplay will be completely free of objective errors.

  • English Language Editing

    We apply stylistic revision by:

    • Improving vocabulary and enhancing word choice
    • Slight rephrasing for more natural expressions
    • Retaining the meaning and tone of your work

    We edit your script or screenplay in a way that polishes the content and flow of your work without impacting your tone, voice, or meaning.

  • Excellent Client Service

    Writers return again and again to Wordvice because our script editing services offer more than just text revision. Authors also receive:

    • Direct contact with their editor throughout the editing process
    • A range of turnaround times (9 hours to 7 days)
    • 15% discount on longer orders (30,000 words or more)

    Contact your editor while they are revising your script to ask any questions or give further instructions.

Professional Editing for Any Script or Screenplay

Authors Love Our Script Editing Services

Paper Editing Services Reviews

Wordvice Script Editing Services Reviews

  • "Script very well edited" This is my first script and I have been sitting on it for a long time, because the thought of putting it into an envelope and letting a publisher look at it makes me doubt myself and my skills so much. But I'm grateful for the great feedback I got from my Wordvice editor. The recommendations on how to improve the flow and the storyline were really helpful for this piece, and they also made me think about my writing style going forward.
  • "Manuscript is prepared for submission" I finished drafting my first book manuscript a few months ago and received some content editing from a couple of peers online. But I needed final proofreading before turning it into publishers. I used Wordvice book editing service to fix the final errors in my draft, but the editor also improved some of the actual content as well and gave me some useful comments. My book seems much better than before.

Script Editing Services Samples

See samples of scripts revised by our professional editors.
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Script Editing Services FAQ

Our proofreading prices are determined by the length of your manuscript (word count) and by how much time you provide your editor to word on it (turnaround time). Our pricing calculator on our Pricing page can give you an instant quote—just enter your word count and turnaround time. We also offer discounts on documents over 30,000 words.
At Wordvice, we provide writer editing turnaround times ranging from 9 hours to 168 hours (7 days).

We offer the following turnaround times:
9 hours, 13 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours (2 days), 72 hours (3 days), 96 hours (4 days), 168 hours (7 days).
Our expert editors hold advanced degrees (PhDs and Master’s degrees), they also have many years of experience handling all kinds of manuscripts, personal essays, scripts, books, and other creative works. We have definitely someone with exactly the right background and expertise for your script.

After you have uploaded your manuscript on our order management system, it will automatically be sent to the most suitable editor. You can also give your editor additional instructions or ask them questions throughout the editing process. And before they send your text back to you, it will undergo a final review by our Quality Assurance Team. If you rate your professional editor and leave comments regarding your experience on our website, you can receive additional points to use on our services in the future.

See editing service reviews from real Wordvice clients.
We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality. Your uploaded documents are guaranteed to be secure and will never be presented to or shared with third parties without your express written consent.

Our professional editors also sign non-disclosure agreements and delete your document from their computer within 14 days of completing revision on your document.