Admissions Success Stories

Successful Admittance to College and University Programs

Over the years, we have assisted thousands of college and university applicants in getting admitted to their school or graduate program of choice. Whether you are applying to college, graduate school, an MBA program, medical school, or law school, your admissions essays (Statement of Purpose, Common Application Essay, Letters of Recommendation , etc.) will greatly benefit from editing and proofreading by our admissions editing experts. Below are just a few of the many Wordvice clients who have been admitted to schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries around the world.

  • "The Ohio State University"


    Jun, 2020

    Jinkyu Kim

  • "University of Calgary"

    Master of Economics

    Mar, 2020

    Hsieh, Jeff

  • "University of the Arts London"


    Jan, 2020

    Shinkyung, Do

  • "City University"


    Jan, 2020


  • "Knox College"

    Dec, 2019

    Maeda, Shino

  • "INSEAD"


    Nov, 2019

    Santoso, Samuel

  • "BIFT"


    Oct, 2019


  • "Yang-Ming"

    Biomedical Science

    Oct, 2019

    Teng, Yu-Hsiang

  • "Maastricht University"

    Media Studies

    Sep, 2019

    Chien, Minro

  • "Carnegie Mellon University"

    Human-Computer Interaction

    Sep, 2019

    Oh, Changhoon

  • "Leeds University"

    Social Science

    Jul, 2019

    Yamaguchi, Shoko

  • "EDHEC Business School"

    Master in Management, Business Management

    Jun, 2019

    Fan, Kelly

  • "University College London"

    Master of Law

    Jun, 2019


  • "University of Texas Austin"

    Architecture, Ph.D.

    May, 2019

    Chow, Isabella

  • "Columbia University"

    Master of public health

    Feb, 2019

    Hsieh, Min-Jia

  • "Rice University"

    Art History

    Feb, 2019

    Liang, Xinyu

  • "Bremen University"

    International Relations

    Jan, 2019

    Jeong, Christine

  • "Washington University in St. Louis & University of Illinois Urbana Champaign"

    Master of Accounting

    Jan, 2019

    You, Angela

  • "University of the Arts London "


    Dec, 2018

    Chyou, Chao-Ling

  • "Carnegie Mellon University"

    Library and Information Science

    Dec, 2018

    Tsai, Grace


Cheng, Li-Yun, NTU


Mar, 2018

Interview Date: Mar 28, 2018

Q. Do you think it was important to have your admissions essays edited before submitting your final applications? Why or why not?

Yes. First of all, you have someone with a pair of fresh eyes to proofread your writing, including both word of choice and grammar. Secondly, they help you format the document and so that it looks professional. Finally, you may receive some advice to revise the essay.

Q. What advice would you share with others about the college or graduate school admissions process?

Start as early as you can.

Q. Would you recommend Wordvice's services to others?

Yes, I think the service is very helpful: professional, speedy and user-friendly.