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Whether you’re applying to college, graduate school, an MBA program, medical school or law school, our highly experienced editors will help you strengthen and polish your personal statements and statements of purpose (SOPs) so that your essays tell unique and compelling stories. Over the years, we have assisted over 1,700 applicants get admitted into their top-choice schools like the examples below. We hope that you will join this successful group by letting us help you become one step closer to realizing your life-long dreams.
  • "Leeds University"

    Social Science

    Jul, 2019

    Yamaguchi, Shoko

  • "EDHEC Business School"

    Master in Management, Business Management

    Jun, 2019

    Fan, Kelly

  • "University College London"

    Master of Law

    Jun, 2019


  • "University of Texas Austin"

    Architecture, Ph.D.

    May, 2019

    Chow, Isabella

  • "Columbia University"

    Master of public health

    Feb, 2019

    Hsieh, Min-Jia

  • "Rice University"

    Art History

    Feb, 2019

    Liang, Xinyu

  • "Bremen University"

    International Relations

    Jan, 2019

    Jeong, Christine

  • "Washington University in St. Louis & University of Illinois Urbana Champaign"

    Master of Accounting

    Jan, 2019

    You, Angela

  • "University of the Arts London "


    Dec, 2018

    Chyou, Chao-Ling

  • "Carnegie Mellon University"

    Library and Information Science

    Dec, 2018

    Tsai, Grace

  • "New York University"

    Public Health

    Dec, 2018

    Li, Chia-Ying

  • "State University of New York"

    Related to the Medicine

    Nov, 2018

    Kang, Seoyoung

  • "University of California San Diego"

    Computer Science

    Nov, 2018

    Liu, Tianyi

  • "Design school Kolding"

    MA - Design for people

    Jun, 2018


  • "University of Kansas"

    Social Welfare

    May, 2018

    Kang, Hyun

  • "University of Kent & Philipps-Universität Marburg"

    Peace and Conflict Studies (MA)

    Apr, 2018

    Kim, Sohyun

  • "UCLA"


    Mar, 2018

    Cheng, Li-Yun

  • "Georgia Tech"

    Urban Design (Master)

    Mar, 2018

    Oh, Yeinn

  • "University of Virginia"


    Mar, 2018

    Jung, Min Young

  • "University of San Diego"


    Mar, 2018

    Jung, Min Young

  • "UC San Diego"


    Mar, 2018

    Jang, Seoyeon

  • "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign"


    Mar, 2018

    Lee, S.H

  • "City University of Hong Kong "

    Communication program

    Mar, 2018

    Sun, Ya Fang

  • "University of Arizona"

    Special Education

    Mar, 2018

    Park, Jinseok

  • "University of Texas Austin"

    Computer Science, PhD

    Mar, 2018

    Lee, Hochan

  • "State University of New York"


    Feb, 2018

    Park, Chanmin

  • "University of Texas at Dallas (Jindal School Of Management)"

    Master of Science in Marketing

    Feb, 2018

    Han, Jung Soo

  • "The University of Arizona"

    Computer Science, PhD

    Feb, 2018

    Lim, HeuiChan

  • "University of Macau"


    Feb, 2018

    Sun, Ya Fang

  • "University of Texas Arlington"

    Executive MBA Program

    Feb, 2018

    Lin, Szu Huai



    Feb, 2018


  • "University of Illinois at Chicago"


    Feb, 2018

    Jung, Min Young

  • "Univ. of Texas "


    Feb, 2018

    Jung, Min Young

  • "Stony Brook University"

    Applied Mathematics

    Dec, 2017

    Lee, Miran

  • "University of Central Flordia"

    Materials Sciences and Engineering

    Nov, 2017

    Park, Jinho

  • "The University of Manchester"


    Nov, 2017

    Lee, S.R.

  • "Hong Kong university "

    Food security

    Nov, 2017

    yu, gao

  • "Maastricht University"

    International management program

    Oct, 2017

  • "State University of New York"

    SUNY-Binghamton/ Literature

    Oct, 2017

    Kang, B.R.

  • "University College London"

    Msc Development Administration and Planning

    Aug, 2017

    Park, J.W.

  • "University of New South Wales, Australia"

    Master in Education

    Jan, 2017

    Woo, H.J.

  • "SK Hynix"

    Dec, 2016

    Hwang, S.H.

  • "University College London"

    MSc in Clinical Pharmacy

    Nov, 2017

  • "글로벌박사 펠로우십"

    Global Ph.D. Fellowship (GPF)


    Yoon, H.

  • "Durham University"

    Master of Science in Islamic finance and management


    Lee, E.K.

  • "Stanford University"

    Master of Arts in International Policy Studies


    Lim, Y.S.

  • "London Business School"

    Master of Business Administration


    Jung, W.

  • "INSEAD"

    PhD in Marketing


    Jin, Y.H.

  • "Northwestern University"

    Master of Science in Analytics


    Jung, J.Y.

  • "Columbia University"

    Master of Arts in Data Science


    Kim, S.Y.

  • "London Business School"


    June, 2014

  • "Stanford University"

    Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies MA

    Aug, 2014


Cheng, Li-Yun, NTU


Mar, 2018

Interview Date: Mar 28, 2018

Q. Do you think it was important to have your admissions essays edited before submitting your final applications? Why or why not?

Yes. First of all, you have someone with a pair of fresh eyes to proofread your writing, including both word of choice and grammar. Secondly, they help you format the document and so that it looks professional. Finally, you may receive some advice to revise the essay.

Q. What advice would you share with others about the college or graduate school admissions process?

Start as early as you can.

Q. Would you recommend Wordvice's services to others?

Yes, I think the service is very helpful: professional, speedy and user-friendly.

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