Our Editors

Our Editors

Our team of highly trained editors is ready to help broadcast your best ideas in clear, error-free prose! Our highly-skilled editors are masters of polishing and refining your academic, business, and professional documents. They are also experts at looking at the big picture for content, scope, voice, style, and flow. When you choose to work with Wordvice, you'll be working with people who possess many years of experience performing detailed copyediting and proofreading on complex topics.

We work with more than 50 editors who have more than 5 years of experience in editing and who have completed a rigorous hiring and training process. Most of our editors have advanced degrees in fields such as engineering, molecular biology, history, and more. Furthermore, many of our editors have worked or currently work as copy editors, linguists, professors, and other related occupations.

At Wordvice, we guarantee that our editors:

Are Native English Speakers

Are Native English Speakers

Our editors hail from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand.

Have Advanced Degrees

Have Advanced Degrees

All our editors either have or are in the process of obtaining a Masters degree, PhD, JD, or MBA.

Have Proven Editing Experience

Have Proven Editing Experience

Many of our editors have professional editing certification like BELS, and all our editors have from 2 to 20+ years' experience!

Our system is designed to make the editing process easy. Our services include the following features:

Direct Communication with Editors

Direct Communication with Editors

Communicate with editors directly through our internal messaging system.

Customizable Orders

Customizable Orders

Customize your orders by providing specific instructions on your order form.

Preferred Editors

Preferred Editors

Request your favorite editors (availability permitting, we will do our best to assign your preferred editor)

Meet Some of Our Editors

  • J. V.
    4 years in editing
    Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering and Immunology

    Visiting Independent Researcher,
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • R. W.
    8 years in editing
    New York University
    Ph.D., History
    M.A., History

    College textbook editor, Pearson
    Published author and certified teacher
  • E. W.
    10 years in editing
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Ph.D., English

    Freelance Editor and Researcher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • S. D.
    8 years in editing
    University of California, Irvine
    Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
    B.S., Biomedical Engineering

    Adjunct Professor, Northwest Vista College
  • K. S.
    10 years in editing
    University of Alberta
    Ph.D., Political Science and
    Public Health

    Consultant, Asbestos Diseases Awareness Organization
  • S. L.
    8 years in editing
    Vanderbilt University
    Ph.D., Philosophy in Neuroscience
    B.S., Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology, and Hispanic Studies

    Biology Author, Macmillan Learning
  • A. B.
    10 years in editing
    University of Exeter University of Cambridge
    Ph.D., Life Sciences
    M.S., Chemistry

    Copy-editor, Angewandte Chemie
  • J. M.
    15 years in editing
    University of Leeds
    Ph.D., Biochemistry

    Freelance Academic Editor and Proofreader
  • E. A. W.
    10 years in editing
    University of Kansas
    Ph.D., English, Composition and Rhetoric
    M.A., English Language, Literature, and Composition

    Owner and Copyeditor, Laughing Saint Editorial LLC
  • D. W.
    5 years in editing
    University of Canterbury
    Ph.D., Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    M.S., Astronomy

    Senior Director, WMS Gaming Inc.
  • R. B.
    5 years in editing
    University of Canterbury
    Ph.D., Physics
    B.S., Physics

    Founder and Science Leader,
    GroversPatch Ltd
  • C. W.
    13 years in editing
    The University of Chicago
    M.A., Liberal and Professional Studies-
    Editing Certificate, M.A., Humanities

    Mellon University Press Diversity Fellow, University of Georgia Press
  • E. T.
    7 years in editing
    Columbia University
    M.A., International Affairs
    B.A., Political Science

    College textbook editor, Pearson
    Published author and certified teacher
  • L. C.
    2 years in editing
    Johns Hopkins University
    M.S., Environmental Sciences and Policy

    Evidence Analyst, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • K. B.
    4 years in editing
    University of Toronto
    M.S., Biomedical Engineering
    B.S., Nanotechnology Engineering

    Chemical Engineer (EIT), Xerox Research Centre of Canada
  • L. H.
    5 years in editing
    Boston University
    M.F.A., Poetry
    B.A., English

    Member, Academy of American Poets
  • M. V.
    3 years in editing
    Pennsylvania State University
    M.F.A., Creative Writing

    Writing Instructor, Pennsylvania State University
  • R. J.
    8 years in editing
    University of Warwick
    M.S., Instrumental & Analytical Methods in Environmental Chemistry

    Senior Associate Scientist, Pfizer
  • G. B.
    17 years in editing
    University of Nottingham (England)
    M.S., Mathematics

    Systems Engineer, Airbus
  • E. L.
    2 years in editing
    University of California Riverside
    M.S., Environmental Microbiology

    Technical Editor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • S. M.
    20 years in editing
    University of California Riverside
    M.A., English
    B.A., English

    Writer-in-Residence, Noepe Center for Literary Arts
  • M. N.
    15 years in editing
    University of Connecticut
    M.S., Philosophy
    B.S., Biology

    Adjunct Instructor, Tarleton State University
  • T. N.
    10 years in editing
    University of the Western Cape
    M.S., Physical Science
    B.S., Physical Science

    Senior Laboratory Assistant, University of Zululand
  • C. D.
    23 years in editing
    State University of New York
    M.S., Natural Science

    Assistant Director, University at Buffalo
  • R. P.
    10 years in editing
    Arcadia University
    M.A., American Literature and Rhetoric
    B.A., English and Pre-MBA Studie

    Managing Editor, Scribe Inc.
  • N. J.
    7 years in editing
    Depaul University
    M.S., Biological Sciences
    B.S., Biological Sciences

    Scientific Consultant and Writer, Operative Fact Analytics
  • K. H.
    3 years in editing
    Southern New Hampshire University
    M.A., English and English Literature
    B.A., Literature, Science, and the Arts

    University Documents Editor, A-Plus, Inc.
  • R. W.
    2 years in editing
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    M.A., English
    B.A., English

    Consultant, Writing Center at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • C. T.
    2 years in editing
    University of Toronto
    M.S. candidate,
    Molecular Genetics

    Project Head, APEx on Science and Technology, Loyola Schools Office of Placement
  • A. W.
    2 years in editing
    State University of New York at Fredonia
    B.A, Visual Art and New Media

    Advertising Manager, Cornell University Press
  • P. S.
    2 years in editing
    University of the West Indies
    Ph.D., Veterinary Medicine
    B.S., Equine Management

    Independent Science and Academic Copy Editor
  • J. G.
    2 years in editing
    University of California, Berkeley
    Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
    B.S., Chemical Engineering

    Senior Process Engineer, Applied Materials
  • K. H.
    3 years in editing
    UCLA School of Law
    J.D., Law

    Attorney, Law Offices of William D. Ross
  • C. O.
    10 years in editing
    University of Auckland
    Ph.D., Food Chemistry
    B.S., Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    Research Scientist, Delivery Systems and Sustainability Streams
  • W. K.
    8 years in editing
    North Carolina State University
    Ph.D., Physiology
    M.S., Biology

    Research Associate, Department of Zoology, University Of New Hampshire
  • J. W.
    5 years in editing
    Sogang University
    Ph.D., International Studies
    M.A., Management

    Assistant Professor, Chungnam National University
  • S. P.
    8 years in editing
    University of San Francisco
    J.D., Law

    Editor, Journal of Law & Social Challenges
  • C. C.
    5 years in editing
    University of Puerto Rico
    Ph.D., Biology
    B.S., Chemistry

    Associate Investigator, UPR Molecular Science Research Center
  • A. M.
    10 years in editing
    Washington University
    M.A., English
    and American literature

    Freelance Copyeditor/Proofreader, Elsevier Health Sciences
  • C. L.
    10 years in editing
    Portsmouth University
    M.S., Psychology
    B.A., English Language and Literature

    Business Conference Producer, Columbia University
  • B. N.
    3 years in editing
    Oxford Brookes University
    M.S., Biotechnology
    B.S., Biology

    Emergency Medical Technician, State University of New York at Canton
  • S. F.
    20 years in editing
    Tulsa University
    M.A., Rhetoric and Writing
    B.A., English

    President, Red Bird Publishing, Inc
  • J. B.
    2 years in editing
    Concordia University
    M.A., Philosophy
    B.A., Philosophy

    Rewriter/copyeditor, The Asahi Shimbun and The Yomiuri Shimbun
  • F. B.
    10 years in editing
    University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
    MBS, Molecular Biology

    Editorial Director, Inside Patient Care
  • V. S.
    6 years in editing
    New England Conservatory Harvard University Extension
    M.A., Music in Jazz Studies
    Software Engineering - Certificate

    Transcriptionist, Paul M. Garton, Inc.
  • L. D.
    4 years in editing
    University of Oxford: St. Antony’s College
    M.A., Comparative Social Policy
    B.A., Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology

    Grant Writer, Long Beach Better Learning For All Students Today
  • N. W.
    3 years in editing
    Wright State University
    M.S., Physiology and Biophysics
    B.S., Biochemistry

    Associate Study Director and Scientist, ChanTest

Quality Assurance Guaranteed!

Our Quality Assurance Team does exactly what it says in the name—it assures the quality of the proofread and edited work. Wordvice’s proofreading and editing services include an additional review by the team to ensure our editors' work product meet our high standards. We are dedicated to making sure that you are more than satisfied with our quality proofreading and editing services.