Our Team

Our Team

Wordvice was founded by our CEO, John Lee, who has private equity and hedge fund experience. Our team include project managers, IT developers, and a managing editor with more than 10 years’ English proofreading experience.

Wordvice is continually growing, and we intend to expand to a capacity of over 500 editors, all of whom have advanced graduate or professional degrees, and 50 academic translators, who, together, have an average of 8 years’ professional experience. Our staff's academic expertise includes fields such as the humanities, social sciences, art, medicine, physical and biological sciences, and engineering. We carefully screen each editor through our recruitment process and our quality assurance team conducts stringent reviews of all orders.

Each order we receive is assigned to a regional project manager, a subject-expert editor, and a quality assurance specialist. Because of the great care with which we handle our clients' works, only 0.2% of customers report dissatisfaction, and delivery delays are extremely rare (occurring for less than 0.1% of orders).

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