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Author Success Stories

  • James

    My weaknesses are typos and run-on sentences. The editor caught them all, returning my dissertation polished and refined, ready for submission. I can’t thank you enough!

  • Madeline

    My professor includes grammar in the grading criteria, so I turned to Wordvice for their proofreading service. Thank you for the excellent work and the quick turnaround.

  • Hue

    I needed an editor with a background in engineering as my dissertation is on automotive systems. True to their description, Wordvice matches you with a suitable editor who not only proofreads for grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also for content. I was able to submit a stronger and well-developed dissertation thanks to Wordvice.

  • Betsy

    I used Wordvice’s editing and proofreading services for my resume and cover letter. As a jobseeker, I need to impress people first with my written documents. Therefore, I wanted to make sure there were no typos. My editor improved my work by suggesting impactful words and format changes to make my resume and cover letter more concise and professional.

  • Jay

    As a recent college grad, I’ve never written a resume as a jobseeker. I am so happy to have found Wordvice. The edits and suggestions made my resume stand out and now I’m in the process of interviewing with multiple companies.

  • Grace G.

    As promised, two editors proofread my cover letters in a surprisingly detailed fashion. The comments and edits were constructive, and their manners/voices were highly professional.

  • Howard

    Very reliable and speedy service. I was impressed with the quality and punctuality of the editor’s work. I will certainly use Wordvice again and again.

  • Anne

    I work with translated business documents. Before submitting them to upper management, I use Wordvice's services to make sure that the documents read naturally and effectively.

  • Patrick Klein

    thank you for the great editing work. After seeing the changes I was very excited. It flows way better and you made better use of words. Thank you and I will be requesting you to edit some other projects I am working on.

Published works

  • "Exploring the Transformative Impacts of Service Design: The Role of Designer-client Relationships in the Service Development Process"

    Yu, E., Seo Il University

    Design Studies

    Nov, 2017

  • "Aloe-Emodin Enhances Tamoxifen Cytotoxicity by Suppressing Ras/ERK and PI3K/mTOR in Breast Cancer Cells"

    Chen, D.R., Changhua Christian Hospital

    American Journal of Chinese Medicine

    Mar, 2017

  • "Service Design as an Approach to Implement the Value Cocreation Perspective in New Service Development"

    Yu, E., Seo Il University

    Journal of Service Research

    Mar, 2017

Successful admissions

  • "State University of New York"

    SUNY-Binghamton/ Literature

    Oct, 2017

    Kang, B.R.

  • "University College London"

    Msc Development Administration and Planning

    Aug, 2017

    Park, J.W.

  • "Durham University"

    Master of Science in Islamic finance and management


    Lee, E.K.


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