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Wordvice editors strive to create perfectly revised documents that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Hundreds of academic manuscripts we have edited have been published in top scientific publications like Nature, IEEE, and Science journals. And thousands of our admissions clients have been admitted into the colleges and universities of their choice. Read just a few of the many excellent success stories in which Wordvice is proud to have played a role.

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Reviews from Our Service

  • Meggan Thompson May-08-2021

    Incredibly helpful and professional proof reading service and recommendations that do not change your overall message and/or writing style.

  • Susann Beier May-03-2021

    They actually introduced a lot of mistakes, missed errors or often just reworded things. For example it was clear that the whole section had to be written gender neutral instead the editor (Sarah B) assumed a random gender and revised it all. Probably will look somewhere else to see if I find a better service.

  • Charlene Ramirez Apr-28-2021

    I paid for the 120 hour service and had our essay back the next day. Thank you... it totally helped us choose better word choices when our brain was just fried from writing for days. Great value. I will definitely use them again.

  • Patsy Robles Apr-25-2021

    Review was sent on time and with very helpful corrections.

  • Rosibeth Cuevas Apr-20-2021

    Really liked that the person who reviewed my paper commented why she made the changes and all the feedback was very helpful!

  • Cody Parker Apr-19-2021

    I had a great experience using Wordvice and highly recommend this service. The product was delivered early, and was very well done. My editor eliminated errors in grammar and punctuation, and revised certain word choices and phrasing to ensure a consistent tone and improve flow. Five stars!

  • Elmurat Karabekov Apr-15-2021

    I received my paper back faster than expected. I liked editors work. He/she alsoleft a positive comment about my work which was nice.

  • minah yoo Apr-13-2021

    I'm very satisfied with the Wordvice and my editor, Gail L. My editor made my essay easy to understand by using high-level words and various sentence structures. It was great that the editor suggested several choices what kinds of words I can use while maintaining my intention. In addition, editor started revision by the comments regarding overall feeling on essay, which gives me comfort and confidence. It is obvious that my essay becomes better than before. At the same time, the number of maximum words also has been kept precisely. Price was very reasonable and service was faster than promised. There is one suggestion; I wish I can put the prompts from the school somewhere other than in essay itself which costs slightly more than it should be. The prompts are not objective of revising, but I should let my editor know what are the questions. It limits 300 characters where I can put my extra comments which is shorter than prompts. This is all I want to say. Thank you for helping me!

  • Oluwakemi Tomobi Apr-13-2021

    The service was awful. The first time I submitted a case report for review, I asked for AMA format, but the comments about how the standard formatting was chosen makes the editor come off as sloppy and negligent. Why ask for the preferred format if you are not going to use it? I then resubmitted the case report for more editing with more specific instructions on which part needed word combination and section editing,, but the response reflected sloppiness.

  • Margarita Bulatova Apr-09-2021

    I have submitted my Ph.D. thesis to Wordice for a language revision The cheapest version (160 h) was ready even a bit earlier. The editor (Joseph C.) did a great job, not only checking the grammar within the thesis but making the text concise and improving readability. Joseph was very polite in explaining some grammatical constructions. Overall, I am very happy with the result and can recommend Wordice to Ph.D. students who are searching for a good proofreading service.