Recommendation Letter Editing Services

Let our editors make your recommendation letter shine so that you can be confident you are giving the best impression of your candidate to admissions officers. Gain college or grad school entrance with a powerful LOR.
Recommendation Letter Editing Services

How We Process Your Recommendation Letter

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    Submit your LOR and provide some basic information such as English type (US/UK) and the school or program your candidate is applying to.

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    Whenever you have a question or need to provide instructions, simply use our direct messaging system to connect with your editor.

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    Your LOR editor will enhance your writing and make your referral more natural and compelling to school admissions officials.

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Who Are Our Essay Editors?

Our Letter of Recommendation Editors

Our editors have extensive experience editing college and university admissions essays and letters of recommendation. Having attended top-tier schools, they understand just how to appeal to admissions committees.

Features of Our Recommendation Letter Editing Services

  • Document Proofreading

    LOR proofreading includes:

    • Correcting spelling, punctuation, and mechanics issues
    • Application of preferred English type (US/UK)
    • Reduction of word count upon request (up to 10%)

    We promise 100% accuracy—your letter of recommendation will be free of objective errors!

  • Revision for Style & Impact

    We enhance the readability, flow, and impact of your statement by:

    • Enhancing vocabulary and word choice issues
    • Rewording and rephrasing to create more natural sentences
    • Leaving constructive comments explaining edits

    You want your recommendation letter to help your candidate get into their dream school. Our LOR editing achieves this by highlighting their academic experiences and work ethic to present a more well-rounded academic profile.

  • Premium Recommendation Letter Editing

    Premium Editing provides more than just in-text editing and comments. You will also get:

    • A Review Letter summarizing the issues in your letter
    • An essay checklist to ensure your content meets it goals
    • Unlimited editing for two weeks (up to 20% of text revised)

    Premium Admissions Essay Editing works for letters of recommendation, personal statements, and any application essays for college or graduate school.

Get Professional Editing for Any Recommendation Letter

Students & Referers Love Our Editing Services

Paper Editing Services Reviews

Recommendation Letter Editing Services Reviews

  • "More guidance than expected" I wanted to recommend a very skilled student of mine to a graduate program at a prestigious university, but I worried that my English might not sound native enough and this would be a weak point for his admission and lower his chances of acceptance. Wordvice made my recommendation letter sound perfect and more impressive and the editor added much more feedback than I expected. Thank you for the thoughtful editing.
  • "Thank you for improving my letter" I deeply appreciate that there is such a recommendation letter review service as Wordvice. I could not ask my student to give my recommendation to anyone else because it was against the policy of the university. So I found this company and they were very helpful and added a lot of positive value to my referral.

Letter of Recommendation Editing Samples

Click to see samples of recommendation letters improved by our LOR professionals.
  • Recommendation Editing Sample


Recommendation Letter Editing Services FAQ

All our admissions editors are native English speakers and have attended top-tier schools themselves, and they know what admissions committees look out for. They also have many years of experience editing application documents like yours. We let our automated Order Manager system create a list of suitable editors for your application, and our in-house team then selects the best match for you from this list.

Our Quality Assurance Team will also review your letter once more before you get it back, and if you have questions during the editing process or additional instructions you forgot to include, you can contact your personal editor via our messaging system. Don’t forget to give them a rating and add a personal comment about your experience with them and our service!
Our proofreading prices are determined by the word count of your letter, the service level you choose (e.g., Standard, Premium, or Two-Editor), and the required turnaround time. If you want to know what you will pay before you submit your document to us, enter your word count into our admissions pricing calculator for an instant quote.
Our Admissions Editing Services can be applied to all kinds of application documents, including SOPs. Just indicate the type of document when you upload it and include any instructions to the editor about how you would like them to revise your work and what school or program you want to apply to. One of our expert editors will help you make your statement of purpose stand out and convince the admissions committee of your school or program of choice that you are a perfect match.