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Premium Admissions Editing Service is an excellent way to prepare your admissions documents for colleges and universities. It provides you with more detailed comments on content, structure, and style, as well as standard proofreading revisions. In addition, we provide high-quality editing by assigning your document to an admissions essay expert who will also include a detailed review letter to give your feedback for your entire essay.

  • Extensive marginal comments about composition and content
  • A detailed review of your essay components (“Review Letter”)
  • 14-Day unlimited resubmission for editing
  • Convenient communication with your editor via a 1:1 message system

Admissions Document Types

  • College and university application essays (Common App Essay, SOP, Personal Statement)
  • Resume / CV / Cover Letter
  • Graduate Letter of Recommendation (MBA and graduate school)
  • Scholarship Application Essays and recommendation letters

46 46 reviews from customers. (Rating: 4.9/5)

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