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Our academic editors improve the flow and expression of your work so you can focus on your academic writing and submit your research with confidence.
Academic Editing Services
What is Academic Editing?

What is Academic Editing?

Academic editing improves the language and formatting of academic documents. It is intended to clarify and strengthen the core ideas and arguments of the research, while removing repetitive and unnecessary content.
Academic editing improves research texts by:
  • Organizing research ideas in a logical manner
  • Identifying errors in the document and informing the author
  • Applying subject expertise to ensure correct terminology, tone, and clarity
  • Replacing awkward vocabulary terms and rephrasing unnatural sentences
  • Correcting references and other formatting issues in academic writing

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Wordvice Academic Editing Services

  • Research Papers

    Enhance your academic grades with a strong and error-free paper.

    Paper Editing
  • Journal Manuscripts

    Impress journal editors and increase your chance of publication with a prepared manuscript.

    Manuscript Editing
  • Dissertations

    Earn the respect of your professors and peers with a perfect graduate dissertation.

    Dissertation Editing
  • Theses

    Get cited by researchers with an academic thesis that shines from beginning to end.

    Thesis Editing
  • College & University Assignments

    Achieve academic excellence with polished assignments, term papers, and college texts.

    Assignment Editing
  • Research Proposals

    Get approval for your research projects with a clear and organized research proposal.

Our Academic Editing Services Features

  • Standard Academic

    Editing Services

    $ 0.044 per word
  • Two-Person Academic

    Editing Services

    $ 0.075 per word
  • Premium Academic

    Editing Services

    $ 0.102 per word
Standard Academic Two-Person Academic Premium Academic
English Proofreading
Style Editing
Improved Vocabulary Terms
Correct Journal Formatting
US/UK English Language Type
English Editing Certificate
Direct Editor Messaging

(up to 3 messages)

(up to 3 messages)


Reduced Word Count

(up to 10%)

(up to 10%)

(up to 20%)

Editor Subject Expertise

(two highly qualified editors)

Unlimited Revisions

(30% discount on re-editing)

(30% discount on re-editing)

(365 days)

Confidentiality Guarantee All Wordvice employees and editors have signed NDAs to protect the privacy of your work.
Who Are Our Academic Editors?

Who Are Our Academic Editors?

Wordvice editors are subject experts with an average of over 5 years of experience editing academic texts. We have more than 500 native English-speaking editors holding PhDs and advanced degrees from nearly 2,000 academic subdisciplines. Our academic editors accurately revise your documents with accuracy and technical expertise. Click below to meet a few of our academic editors.

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Authors Love Our Academic Editing Services

Academic & Scientific Manuscript Editing Services
  • James A. is an excellent editor. I found that my manuscript has been greatly improved. I will surely recommend him.
  • thanks and nice work
  • The edits are wonderful, but the organization in flow gives me peace of mind. I can move forward with my writing after getting this service. Thank you.
  • Thank you Editor very much for checking our manuscript. We totally satisfy your correction and your feedback on time. From Thu Le - Lecturer, University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • These services are useful for preparing manuscripts for publishing.
  • Deliver manuscripts on time and be trustworthy
  • Excellent review of my work. Thank you!
  • good service
  • I recently had the opportunity to use this service, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. The level of detail, efficiency, and professionalism displayed was top-notch. Every aspect of the service was handled with utmost care and precision, making my experience seamless and highly satisfactory. What impressed me the most was the personalized attention and dedication shown throughout the process. I wholeheartedly provide this service a 5-star rating and would recommend it to anyone seeking quality and reliability. Kudos to the Rober BC for his exceptional work!"
  • Dear Madam, Thank you very much for very informative remarks and thoughtful corrections.

Academic Editing Services FAQ

We base our proofreading prices on word count, service level (e.g., Standard, Premium, or Two-Editor), and turnaround time. To view our editing and proofreading prices, enter your word count into our pricing calculator and receive an instant quote and delivery deadline for your document.
At Wordvice, we provide turnaround times ranging from 9 hours to 168 hours (7 days).

We offer the following turnaround times:
9 hours, 13 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours (2 days), 72 hours (3 days), 96 hours (4 days), 168 hours (7 days).
All of our expert academic editors are native English speakers with advanced degrees (PhDs and Master’s degrees) and many years of editing experience. When you submit an order, our system automatically selects a list of editors with the most relevant expertise, and our customer service team selects the right editor for your academic document.

Once the revision is completed, our Quality Assurance team reviews the edits before delivering your document. You can also communicate directly with your editor throughout the revision process. See editing service reviews from real clients.
Wordvice specializes in editing for all kinds of academic documents. We have hundreds of editors with experience editing the following documents:
If you would like our editors to take another look at a file we revised for you, Wordvice provides a Second-Look Editing Service at a 30% discounted price. You are eligible for this service if:
  1. 1) you request Second-Look Editing within 21 days of completion of the original order and
  2. 2) no more than 20% of the file uploaded for Second-Look Editing has been altered since the original revision was completed
*Note: You must place a new order if you have made new additons to the original revised file and would only like the new additions (not the entire document) to be proofread.

If you feel you should receive re-editing due to poor revision quality, please send an email to and include the order number and state your reason for requesting a re-edit. Our internal will review the file and determine whether your document requires free re-editing.