Academic & Scientific Manuscript Editing Service

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Price will be calculated when you set the word count and the turnaround time.
We try our best to assign an editor you preferred or requested for. However, another editor may be assigned if the preferred/requested editor is unable to support your order.
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Our academic editing service will proofread and edit your paper to improve the style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence. We also work on the referencing and formatting to ensure that your edited document is ready for submission.

  • Thesis/dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Article/journal
  • College essay

Express Delivery

We provide 9-hour and 13-hour express services on a 24/7 basis. The service begins upon receipt of your payment.

Things to be noted

  • Service charge = word count x price per word
  • Only Microsoft Word (doc, docx) documents will be accepted.
  • Make sure you enter an accurate word count. If your file’s word count exceeds the word count you selected, your submission will be placed on hold, and your deadline will be reset.

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