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Instantly calculate the editing and proofreading service cost for your research paper, thesis, essay, or other document. Wordvice’s editing and proofreading prices are based on editing service type, word count, turnaround time, and selection of additional services.

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Buy Wordvice Points and Save on Proofreading & Editing

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Wordvice Editing Services Reviews

Wordvice Editing Services Reviews

645 Reviews
  • Great editor. Great feedback and rationales for edits.
  • Dr. Jana is amazing!!
  • Fantastic and super useful feedback on the essay. The suggestions were meaningful and improved the essay. Well worth the price!
  • good
  • Quality and professional service. Not only provided the content clarity, but also provided helpful suggestions and comments to process.
  • Fantastic, prompt turnaround from Jana. She spotted even the tiniest errors and offered some creative use of phrasing for my edits. I absolutely recommend this service, and the editing services of Dr. Jana.
  • great work Gretchen ! thank you, i feel confident in revising and submitting my paper with your recommended edits. Linet
  • Always very professional!
  • Thank you so much for the editing and the valuable suggestions you provide. I am looking forward to working with you on another assignment.
  • Some good advice on the word and phrase choices are provided. Much appreciated! Look forward to more suggestions on the transitional terms and how to improve the fluency of the whole article.
  • I was very happy with his work. It was above and beyond what we expected. He took initiative and cleaned up some tricky sentence constructions. He was so much more than a grammar-checker, and gave fantastic suggestions. The only places where his suggestions didn't work were the ones where I was so unclear, that no one earth could guess the meaning. Mea culpa.
  • I was really impressed by the editing of my personal statement. John T provided really good feedback and corrected lots of errors. Thank you.
  • Thanks Tim, your suggestions and comments were very useful! I would have liked though if you had also confirmed that the wordings in the picture were ok as I had particularly mentioned it in the message.
  • Very timely, thoughtful and thorough feedback.
  • She did a wonderful job.
  • Responsible and quick! Very appreciate your nice revision, it benefits a lot.
  • Great service!
  • Sadhna helped me with a lot of my grammar mistakes and word choices. She even carefully points out many places that I would need to be more detailed. Thank you!
  • Really paid attention to the details and gave MANY corrections!
  • Thank you very much for all the help and constructive suggestions. I look forward to working with you in the future.
  • This is my first time using an English correction service. Despite the fact that I use English every day for work, I realize that I speak "international" English, which is certainly understandable, but not always correct. The translator's corrections were excellent and easy to understand. In the future, I will request another translation.
  • Annetta addressed areas in my Personal Statement that required further revisions to improve the flow and consistency of my writing. Greatly appreciated. Although, I would have liked more substantive edits even if she changed the original meaning in some places.
  • Very good
  • I am very pleased with the work the editor has done. Very thorough analysis of the text, understanding of its concept and extremely helpful explanations of the basis of the corrections made. I would be happy to use the services of this editor in the future.
  • Very useful comments. She helped not only with the grammar and wording but also suggested a restructuring that improved the clarity of my essay
  • Alexander K did a very thorough job of editing my essay without changing my intent or the message I was trying to get across. They only thing I would ask for (and it is a very small thing) is that they would explain some reasoning behind some of edits. For example, why shouldn't I use the word "amazing"? But otherwise, 5 stars and great job!
  • Her advice is not just about grammar, but also about substantial advice how the letter should be. She also responses very quickly, which helps me a lot.
  • Fast and precise comment, and helped me a lot. She would be perfect if she can also give us some substantial comment on the sentence.
  • well done
  • She was very informing and explained everything she suggested. She was amazing and will use her in the future.

Wordvice Editing & Proofreading Prices

Our editing and proofreading costs are calculated based on your document’s word count and the turnaround time you choose. Enter your document details into the price calculator at the top of the page to get an accurate quote based on your specific order details.
Proofreading Price Discounts for Partners

Proofreading Price Discounts for Partners

Get discounts on professional editing and proofreading prices for bulk or repeated purchases.
  • Discounted partner pricing on all Wordvice services.
  • Dedicated account manager to assist with editing orders and processing.
  • Perfect for academic institutions, essay consulting firms, and other clients who need consistent language editing for documents.
  • Learn more about Wordvice partner discounts.

Editing & Proofreading Prices FAQ

Our proofreading rates are determined by the type of editing service you require, the number of words in your document, and the turnaround time you choose. Enter information about your document in the price calculator above. Select your editing service, word count, and turnaround time and we will provide an accurate price quotation for your document.
We automatically apply a 15% discount on documents over 30,000 words. You may also combine multiple documents in one file to meet this word count. If your document has a high word count but slightly fewer words than this and you would still like to request a price discount, please contact us directly at edit@wordvice.com and provide a summary of your document details and service/turnaround requirements.
We accept PayPal and any debit or credit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmericanExpress logo. We use a secure payment gateway to process all credit card transactions.
Yes! We will send you an email confirming your payment immediately after the payment is accepted. You can also view your order and payment details by accessing My Account at the top of the main menu.
We offer a variety of delivery times to meet the needs of your order. Choose from as little as 9 hours with express delivery to as long as 168 hours (7 days) for the lowest price.

After uploading your document, you will be asked to choose one of the following delivery times:
  • 9 hours
  • 13 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 72 hours
  • 96 hours
  • 120 hours
  • 168 hours
  • We guarantee 100% accuracy in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics. This means that your document will be free of objective errors or we will re-edit your work at no extra charge.
    All of our editing services focus on the following areas:
  • English proofreading (grammar, spelling and punctuation)
  • Terminology and language use
  • Conciseness (reducing wordiness without changing meaning/effect)
  • Coherent logic
  • Clarity in meaning
  • Style (word and phrase choice, tone and flow of text)
  • Substantive feedback on topic development
  • Style formatting for applicable academic style guides

  • Learn more about our range of English editing services:
  • Academic Editing Services
  • Admissions Essay Editing Services
  • Business and Corporate Editing Services
  • Editing Services for Writers