Premium Admission Editing Services

Premium Admission Editing Services

Admission essays for college and graduate schools are some of the most important essays you will ever write. For this reason, it is imperative that you spend a good amount of time revising your work to make the right impression on the admissions officer or graduate faculty.

Wordvice’s Premium Admissions Editing Service is one way we are helping you to make this impression. This service allows you to receive feedback from your editor beyond the usual sentence-level corrections. In addition to grammar, mechanics, and style revisions, you will receive suggestions about how to change and improve your essay’s content, organization, and authorial tone—all of which are crucial factors in getting into the school or program of your choice.

Wordvice has provided English language proofreading services for many years, and a great many clients who have used our services for admissions essays have been successfully admitted to prestigious graduate schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, UC Berkeley, and dozens of others. We have processed over 11,000 application essays for international students (including Common Application Essays, Statements of Purpose, personal statements, and Letters of Recommendation) and maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, with 82% of our clients being repeat customers.

Such outstanding results are possible because we tailor our revisions to the needs of the applicant, their specific document, and the institution(s) to which they are applying. Because our proofreading and editing approach is guided by the standards used by colleges and universities to assess admissions essays, our editors focus on making revisions with the all-important target reader in mind.

By using our Premium Admissions Editing Service, applicants stand to greatly improve their chances of acceptance into colleges and graduate schools. Whereas our standard editing service guarantees proper grammar, spelling, mechanics, style norms, and natural written English, PAES gives you more than just corrections: it provides you with the tools you need to sharpen your writing through extended feedback that includes comments, suggestions, and a critique of the individual sections of your essay.

Here’s what you get with this service:
  • Extensive marginal comments about composition and content
  • A detailed review of your essay components (“Review Letter”)
  • 14-Day unlimited resubmission for editing
  • Convenient communication with your editor via a 1:1 message system

How Premium Admission Editing Services differs from our standard editing service

Extended revisions and comments

Premium Admissions Editing Service provides basic and detailed proofreading of essays along with vocabulary, grammar, and other sentence-level proofing that out standard service provides. We also give generous feedback about content and check whether the submitted essay follows high-level standards for the purpose of the given essay (Statement of Purpose, Common Application essay, personal statement, etc.). More detailed revisions means more improvements of your paper and more opportunities for you to submit a perfect final draft.

The Review Letter provides two helpful methods of feedback
An Overall Comment summarizes the essay’s strengths and suggests improvements

The Overall Comment (or “letter from the editor”) provides a succinct but compact evaluation by the editor in charge of your first revision and gives you feedback about your essay overall. Think of this as a friendly but constructive response from a peer telling you what they like about your work and how you can make it even better.

The Admission Essay Checklist gives a detailed analysis of major writing components in the essay

While the Overall Comment gives authors an idea of where the strengths and potential weaknesses of their essay lie in general, the Essay Checklist provides a point-by-point breakdown of four major writing areas in an essay (Content, Organization, Transitions, and Description), assesses how your essay meets or fails to meet the standards for each of these areas, and provides detailed suggestions for how to improve your writing in these areas.

(See sample Review Letter below)
Original admissions essay
Review Letter Sample
Editied admissions essay
Checklist Sample
Specific writing questions addressed by the Admission Essay Checklist
  • Content
    Content – Does your essay contain everything that it needs to (and nothing that it doesn’t)?
    What did the applicant write (experience, case, and rationale) on this topic?
    Is the answer coherent and consistent with the question asked?
  • Organization
    Structure – Is your essay as organized as possible?
    Is the essay composition balanced with Introduction, Body, and Conclusion?
    Does the essay logically support the main argument or purpose of the essay?
    Do your paragraphs contain a main topic and supporting details?
  • Transition
    Transitions – Are your paragraphs and ideas clearly and appropriately connected?
    Does each paragraph begin naturally and use conjunctions correctly?
    Is the beginning and ending of each paragraph appropriate?
  • Description
    Description – Is your approach and style effective in communicating the information in your essay?
    Did you include a motivation or causal reason for the details listed?
    Is your essay expressed with enough evidence in the form of details (as a “story”)?
Unlimited re-submissions and revisions within 14 days (provided no more than 30% of original document has been altered by the author)

After the first revision, authors often need to make further changes before submitting their final essay. In fact, receiving multiple revisions and making appropriate changes is a great way to dramatically increase the completeness of your essay and improve the overall impact of your writing. We thus urge authors to make use of our unlimited revision services. Provided that authors change no more than 30% of the original content, they can receive revisions without restrictions for 14 days. (However, bear in mind that each re-submission will require 48 hours to deliver.)

Communication with your editor via a 1:1 message system

It may be difficult for clients to pass on some instructions and desired essay objectives to the editor simply by submitted their document through the automated system. That is why the Premium Admissions Editing Service provides 14-day 1:1 messaging with your editor, so that you can freely query the editor and more easily communicate your any questions or instructions you may have. We hope you will improve your essay’s effectiveness and clarity through this direct communication channel.

Premium Admission Editing Services Sample

Our professional editors revise your drafts, paying great attention to context, purpose, author voice and word count. We guarantee 100% language accuracy while improving clarity and strengthening your writing’s organization and flow. Our job is to improve your writing so that you can share your compelling story with your prospective schools.

  • Edited resume
  • Editing Sample

    • Eliminate grammatical errors (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
    • Replace and revise words and phrases to improve readability
    • Substantive feedback on topic development
    • Revise for coherent logic and clarity
    • Reduce word count (up to 10% of document)

Our Premium Admission Editing Services Editors

Wordvice editors are among the very best in the industry, and our Premium Admissions editors are the best-of-the-best. They are experts from a variety of backgrounds and academic fields with high levels of experience, qualification, and success in editing. Each has over 5 years of essay proofreading experience and has received an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, along with a top rating by our managing editors.

Through our outstanding editors and rigorous quality control process, Essay Review has been providing superior editing services for years. With Premium Admissions Editing Service, we are taking this service to a whole new level.

Editor Interview
  • editor photoJ.V.
    Education: Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering and Immunology, MIT
    Introduction: I have been a professional editor for the past ten years, and am a current graduate student in biological engineering and materials science. I also have a master’s degree in neuroscience and a master’s degree in architecture. I specialize in deep editing as well as clarifying complex ideas and unclear text.
    I have a background in broad range of topics, which enables me to edit complex content from a variety of fields, on a deep level. I also believe in clearly and concisely communicating ideas in an organized way.

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  • 5.0 

    | Feb-02-2020

    Again, thank you very much, Max! Your editing skills are truly unparalleled! My subject is not that popular, but you still managed to improve the content. Thanks to you, my papers are so much more readable now!!

  • 5.0 

    | Jan-07-2020

    Good job!

  • 5.0 

    | Jan-07-2020

    Good job!

  • 5.0 

    | Dec-10-2019

    I have used a number of essay editing services and so far, Camille has been the best to work with. She's responsive, thorough, and in the end everything is very cohesive.

  • 5.0 

    | Dec-02-2018

    Detailed advice that ended up giving my essay a much better focus. Highly recommended!