Premium Academic Editing Service

Multiple rounds of academic editing and proofreading by editors with subject expertise.
Ideal for manuscripts, dissertations, and early drafts.

Premium Academic Editing Service

When submitting a research manuscript to a journal, authors are often required to revise their work in order to get published. The need for revisions may arise from suggestions or requirements given by the editor/reviewer of the target journal or simply from the author’s understanding that certain changes should be made. In any case, a manuscript usually must undergo several drafts during the journal submission process before publication.

Wordvice’s Premium Academic Editing Service makes it easier for authors to request additional revision of their manuscripts during the drafting process. For a one-time cost, authors receive unlimited re-uploading and revisions to a document over the course of an entire year (provided that no more than 20% of the original edited text is replaced). Authors have the freedom to make any necessary changes to their paper to get their work published in their journal of choice. This service is ideal for academic manuscripts, theses, and dissertations in any field.

Wordvice’s carefully selected and trained editors enhance the style, clarity, readability, and tone of your writing. We help you communicate your ideas so that readers can focus on the content of your work. Not only do our editors correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, they also ensure consistency, proper phrasing/terminology, and flow. We provide feedback in the form of marginal comments to help you understand the revisions and improve your writing. Finally, our editing experts perfect your paper by applying the formatting of your choice to references and citations.

Our editors have experience in hundreds of academic fields, and we take care to assign your document to an editor with experience in your subject area. Whether your study is in the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences, with editing and proofreading from Wordvice, you can submit your academic work with confidence.

How does Premium Academic Editing work?

What are the advantages of this service?

  • Re-upload your manuscript multiple times to meet journal submission requirements.
  • Contact your editor directly for last-minute revisions or questions.
  • Revise the entire manuscript or any specific sections or aspects requiring attention—from Abstract, to Introduction, to Discussion, to References.
  • Improve your academic writing through multiple close revisions and editor feedback.
  • Meet the guidelines and conventions of more journals—get published quicker and more often!
  • Receive revision and writing tips that specifically address your journal reviewer’s feedback.

Wordvice Editing Stats

Wordvice has edited more than 114,000 research manuscripts and academic papers for over 30,000 clients. Our goal is to help researchers, scholars, students, and authors to produce superior-quality writing for journal submissions and publications. Many of our clients have published papers in prestigious academic journals such as Nature, ACM, IEEE,and Science journals.

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Client Reviews

I needed an editor with a background in engineering as my dissertation is on automotive systems. True to their description, Wordvice matches you with a suitable editor who not only proofreads for grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also for content. I was able to submit a stronger and well-developed dissertation thanks to Wordvice.

I have used this site quite a few times, and I have never been disappointed. I know I can write a good paper, but my grammar is not the best. I rely on Wordvice to improve the grammar in what I'm trying to say. They went beyond and did an excellent job on proofreading my technical papers. So I can spend more energy on the technical side of the papers and my papers came out professionally.

Reviews from Our Premium Academic Editing Service Clients

  •   Sep-05-2021


    I am satisfied for this service review Wordvice

  •   Aug-23-2021


    Paying for an editing service I expected no punctuation mistakes let alone misspelled words. The editing was of poor quality and looks like no interest in keeping the meaning or at least giving feedback. She limited herself to comment that she could not understand - no feedback and in some cases totally changed the meaning. My experience was way bellow the one my friends who recommended the service had. I did compare the work they received with this editor's work and unfortunately I am definitely on a loss. Seriously, editing service with mistakes in words and punctuation, to say the least , is not acceptable.

  •   Aug-19-2021


    Good work and clearly a person interested in being clear about the work done. No misspellings and a careful work. Thank you.

  •   Aug-18-2021


    Thank you. Great experience

  •   Aug-10-2021


    Good work with room for improvement. Some edits are not done to perfection. It seems you use students rather than professionals to do the job

  •   Aug-02-2021


    The best part of your service is prompt and perfect.

  •   Jul-22-2021


    The overall quality of the changes is not high, unlike the version modified by professionals

  •   Jul-21-2021


    You should use wordvice service It was my first time dealing with Wordvice editing, they respect the time, the editor was very professional in his work and also the comments on the manuscript were very simple and clear

  •   Jul-19-2021


    My first experience has been great! I recommend wordvice to my colleagues.

  •   Jul-13-2021


    My first experience has been good so far.

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