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College Admissions Essay Editing Services

The college admissions process is more competitive than ever.

More students are applying to college than at any time in history, even though the number of four-year degree institutions has remained relatively constant. According to figures from the Common Application’s website, in 2019, more than 1.5 million applications from 519,912 unique applicants were submitted to US colleges via the Common App process. This means that schools are becoming more selective about the students they accept. In fact, only 65% of undergraduate applications were accepted in 2014, and among international applicants, this figure was only 34%. Thus, it is no surprise that a Higher Education Research Institute report shows that the number of students applying to seven or more schools has doubled within the past 10 years.

What does this mean for students like you?

Due to this increased competition, grades and standardized test scores are no longer enough to maintain an edge over other applicants. The National Association for College Admission Counseling reports that the most important factors for deciding whether to accept candidates include the admissions essay, a student’s demonstrated interest, counselor and teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, and class rank. Among all of these important elements, the college admissions essay is the one document over which applicants have almost complete control. Moreover, admissions officers often have a large degree of discretion in their selections and recommendations. They evaluate thousands of grades and percentage values, but they don’t always know the story behind those grades. Did you underachieve or overachieve—if so, was this mostly due to luck, intelligence, or hard work? Because grades offer concrete data but incomplete information, you may be surprised at how low the cut-off point for grades usually is. Most candidates are rejected based on the more personal elements of the application.

Admissions teams at the best universities (including Ivy League schools) try hard to get a sense of your potential and your character. That is, college admissions officers want to know who the student is, whether the student would thrive in their school’s environment, and what the student has to offer the school in terms of diversity and excellence. You can effectively answer these questions in a well-crafted admissions essay.

Admissions essays help convince college admissions officers that you will make a positive contribution to their school. In essays like the Common Application Essay or the University of California’s Personal Insight Questions, students are asked to demonstrate their special accomplishments, skills, and characteristics—to “tell a personal narrative” and show admissions officials who they are as students and as individuals.

Why should you receive professional editing for your admissions essays?

When college admissions officers are faced with two candidates with similar grade profiles, a strong admissions essay can tip the balance in favor of one student over another. A poorly drafted admissions essay won't show the admissions officers your best side as a college hopeful. Grammar and punctuation errors, awkward phrasing, and unnatural English sentences in your personal essay can make college officials question your English writing ability, not to mention your willingness to properly proofread and edit your work. If you fail to organize the personal story you are telling, readers may wonder whether you are capable of handling college-level coursework. And if your essay only repeats the details in your application, admissions officers will wonder whether you lack the creativity and ambition to do more than the bare minimum and truly express your ideas.

Because the college admissions essay is such a crucial part of your application package, getting professional editing for your essay can be critical to improving your chances of getting accepted at the school of your choice. But which editing service should you choose for your admissions essays? You want an editing service that has the most qualified admissions editors and proofreaders. You want editors who have graduated from top schools to assess the strengths of your essay. You want an editing service that boasts a near-perfect customer rating. Wordvice is such a service, and this is why so many of our clients have been accepted to some of the best colleges in the world, including MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and Oxford.

How do Wordvice’s proofreading and editing services help you?

Our experienced admissions essay proofreaders and editors will comb through your drafts to clarify your writing, enhance readability, and improve vocabulary, tone, and flow. They also ensure you have provided enough details to tell a poignant story that will distinguish you from other candidates. Feedback in the form of marginal comments will give you tips on how to compose your ideas in more natural and compelling ways. Finally, for international students who struggle with language issues, our editors will help you use more natural phrases so your writing reads like that of a native English speaker. We understand that the college application process can be a busy and stressful experience. Wordvice’s College Admissions Essay Editing Services provide expert revision of your admissions essays so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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Wordvice editors are all native English speakers from a variety of academic backgrounds and have many years of experience revising admissions essays for prospective students just like you. Many of our editors have attended top schools in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia and have worked in university admissions departments, and all of them have successfully navigated the college and graduate school admissions process. Whatever admissions documents you are submitting to colleges, universities, or employers, Wordvice has editing services that will enhance your writing and make your story more compelling to your target readers.

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We know that the superior editing provided by Wordvice can make the critical difference in you getting into the school of your dreams. But don’t take our word for it. Below are just a few of the many successful college admissions stories from our admissions editing clients.

Vanderbilt University
Karin Kohira
English Language Learners

Oct, 2021

Washington University in St. Louis
Yih-An Chen
Computer Science

Sep, 2021

Arizona State University
Chan-Wei Yeh
Big Data Systems

Aug, 2021

University of South Carolina
Irene Tsui
Sport management

Aug, 2021

Cornell University
Aditya Menon
Biological Sciences

Jul, 2021

Emory University
Hiroki Kyo
Rollins School of Public Health

Jun, 2021

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Client Reviews

I’m an international student and needed my university application essays to be proofread for grammatical mistakes. I would recommend Wordvice to international students applying for graduate school. I will also use them for my course papers. I usually ask my friends and family to proofread my college application essays, but felt that I needed a professional review. The editor not only caught minor mistakes, but also gave me suggestions to improve my essays. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.

Angelica is a great editor, she not only corrects your mistakes but tells you why it is wrong so you do not do the same mistakes twice. I highly recommend using their services if you are trying to get a paper that is not only perfect with no errors, but also is written more naturally in a way that university faculty will respect. I will use Wordvice for future essays.

Reviews from Our College Admissions Essay Editing Service Clients

  •   Dec-05-2021


    Thank you for your excellent review and feedback on my cover letter.

  •   Dec-03-2021


    Josephine H is an excellent editor. Polished my SOP to a professional look.

  •   Dec-02-2021


    Thank you, Wordvice. The editor astridclg did an amazing job! I really appreciate the comments in the file as they gave very clear directions for improvement!!

  •   Nov-30-2021


    I am applying a doctoral program. This author helped me to convey my intention more naturally and effectively. (Emory University, instructor)

  •   Nov-28-2021


    Her suggestions and comments are so insightful, and help me see how I can improve my essay.

  •   Nov-28-2021


    Thank you, Nathan! You did a great job paying attention to grammatical structures and sentence flows, while maintaining my original style of writing!

  •   Nov-28-2021


    Thank you, Blesson -- for such great edits. You paid attention to a lot of details and made my essay a better flow~

  •   Nov-28-2021


    Awesome editing. Very pleased with the work received!

  •   Nov-28-2021


    This is edited really well, thank you sooo much. Essays are not my strong suit so this is a life saver

  •   Nov-28-2021


    It was a greatly edited essay and tim had helped me come good at my expressions.

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