Business & Corporate Editing Services

Business & Corporate Editing Services
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Client Reviews

I have successfully submitted manuscripts to top SCI journals with the help of Wordvice. First, I was pleased that Wordvice could match me with an editor who specializes in the field of study. I have used many different editing services but the WORDVICE editors are the most professional editors with subject expertise. Even though my subject is highly technical, the editor was able to provide professional advice. As a non-native Englishspeaker, my English proficiency is limited; thus, the Wordvice service is essential to ensure clarity of expressions and eliminate grammatical errors.

The editors are quite professional and of help. They corrected my errors in punctuation and pointed out the ambiguous words along with a detailed explanation and suggestion. They even remind me of possible illogical terms I used between paragraphs. This helps me a lot when I review the context of work and also makes my viewpoints clearer than before. Thank you!

To gain a competitive edge, your business documents need to communicate your objectives accurately and effectively and be free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and language. Our Business & Corporate Editing Services revise your professional work to improve style, clarity, flow , and internal coherence. From corporate reports to resumes, presentations to websites, all business documents benefit from revision by a capable business editing expert. Read more about our Business and Corporate Editing Services. Apply this service for the following business documents:
  • Corporate Reports
  • Press Releases/Brochures
  • Marketing Materials
  • Website Content/Official Emails
  • Legal Documents