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Our professional editors help businesses, corporate entities, entrepreneurs, and government entities create high-quality document writing so they can focus on their products and clients.
Business Editing Services
What is Business Editing?

What is Business Editing?

Business editing corrects typos and errors in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics in your work and makes your documents more readable and effective at achieving your business objectives.
Business editing improves texts by:
  • Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Editing for clarity and meaning
  • Correction of terminology and jargon
  • Word count reduction (up to 10% of your document)
  • Formatting to adhere to document conventions (e.g., resumes, brochures, website/blog materials)

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Which Documents Do Wordvice Business Editing Services Revise?

  • Business Documents

    Ensure precision and a high degree of professionalism to get the results you are looking for.

    Document Editing
  • Reports & Brochures

    Impress your manager or land a new customer with flawless, high-impact texts.

    Report Editing
  • Website & Blog

    Enhance public perception of your company with an error-free, concise, and engaging web presence.

    Blog Editing
  • Government Documents

    Clearly communicate policy objectives and details to specialists and to the wider community with technical editing and proofreading.

Wordvice Business Editing Services Features

Wordvice Business
Editing Services Features

Our business editing services include…
  • English proofreading for grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation
  • Improvements in vocabulary and style to improve readability
  • Revisions for coherence, clarity, and tone
  • Word count reduction (up to 10% of original word count)
  • Substantive feedback and comments on remaining issues or concerns
  • 24/7 availability and strict confidentiality
Stats About Wordvice Business Editing Services

Stats About Wordvice Business Editing Services

Many businesses, NGOs, and government entities have sought out Wordvice to ensure that their work comes out polished, well-structured, and error-free. Our editors have proofread and edited thousands of business documents for hundreds of clients since 2015 and will also carefully revise your business documents to ensure that your writing has a positive impact on your target readers so that you can achieve your business objectives.
Who Are Our Business Editors?

Who Are Our Business Editors?

Wordvice has the most qualified editors in the industry, with each editor having years of language editing and proofreading experience. We have over 500 professional editors with PhDs and advanced degrees and subject expertise in nearly 2,000 academic fields, including business areas such as marketing, finance, and management as well as economics and related fields. You can be sure that your editor will have an intimate understanding of the language of business, and our order management system further ensures that you will be matched with the most appropriate editor for the documents you submit.

How Does Our Business Proofreading & Editing Service Work?

  • Get an instant price quotation

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    Select the document type and enter your word count and turnaround time to get an editing price quotation.

  • Upload your order

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    Include details about your business document, including the industry and objective, so that we can select the editor with exactly the expertise you need.

  • Receive your edited document

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    Download your edited document, guaranteed within the requested delivery time.

Professionals Review Our Business Editing Services

Business & Corporate Editing Services
  • Danielle helpfully provided me with feedback that enhanced my goal for my writing, and she went above and beyond by informing me about research she had completed on my topic.
  • Victoria did a fantastic job taking a business document that covered many complicated and sometimes technical topics that was built with input from several people and turning it into a seamless and consistent document with even flow and great clarity. She exhibited an understanding of the topics and immediately got the gist of both the tone and purpose I was trying to achieve. Being my first time using Wordvice, I am pleasantly surprised and will use the service again- and hopefully have Victoria be the one to help me! Thank you so much.
  • I like the work done by Keith V, quite detailed, extensive and good explanations
  • Good points made, good interaction and communication
  • Quality and professional service. Not only provided the content clarity, but also provided helpful suggestions and comments to process.
  • Thanks Tim, your suggestions and comments were very useful! I would have liked though if you had also confirmed that the wordings in the picture were ok as I had particularly mentioned it in the message.
  • well done
  • Not only great editing but also helpful feedback for future writing
  • I am completely satisfied with the editing and proofreading that I received! I will ask for Wendy B. for my next document.
  • Monica did an excellent job enhancing my writing! She fixed the grammatical errors and sentence structure. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Business Editing Services

Our business document editors are native English speakers with advanced degrees (PhDs and Master’s degrees) and years of professional editing experience handling reports, presentations, manuals, brochures, and other business and corporate documents.

Once your business document is uploaded, our automated order management system selects the most suitable editor for your document. Once the documents have been edited, our Quality Assurance Team will conduct a final review. You can also communicate directly with your editor throughout the process. Don’t forget to give your professional editor a review score and add comments about your satisfaction with our service!
Our editing and proofreading prices are provided on per-word rates that are based on word count, service level (e.g., Standard, Premium, or Two-Editor), and required delivery time. Enter your word count into our pricing calculator on our Pricing page and receive an instant quote and delivery deadline for your document.
We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality. Your uploaded documents are guaranteed to be secure and will never be presented to or shared with third parties without your express written consent. Our editors also sign non-disclosure agreements and delete your document from their computer within 14 days of completing revision on your document.