Research Expert Content Writer

Job Description

Wordvice, an international English editing firm, is seeking academic professionals with experience in areas of research writing and publishing to write articles for our Resources (blog) page on the topics of research writing, manuscript preparation, academic grammar and formatting guidelines, and the journal submission and publishing process.

Your articles will be especially geared towards non-native English speakers and new researchers and thus should provide tips on the writing and composition process. We are therefore not looking for articles about highly specific topics (and we are not looking for actually research papers, although composing or using samples of academic writing would be very helpful), but rather articles that help research authors understand the composition and correct common mistakes that first-time authors often make when composing their papers.

  • - Draft engaging articles on academic or admissions issues from a list of potential topics we provide; or suggest and write about your own topic (upon approval)
  • - Include key relevant information that will be useful to our customers and relevant keywords that will increase our SEO
  • - Allow for one request for revision of your content before submitting article
  • - Create and submit any accompanying graphics, charts, or captions that can be inserted into our Wordpress page
  • ■ Basic Qualifications
  • - Previous writing/blogging experience with related content (please share any relevant written work you have posted or published)
  • - Qualifications/experience with the given topic about which you are writing; experience writing and/or editing academic papers
  • - Education: Academic Videos: Master’s degree or higher (preferred)
  • - Excellent written content will be considered most important, regardless of degree achieved.
  • ■ Preferred Qualifications
  • Writers will ideally have the following positions/experiences:
    • - Academic articles: university professors, teachers, researchers, graduate and doctoral students, journal editors, and other academic experts with related experience with academic writing or journal submissions
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Frequency: Contingent on need, expertise, and quality of produced content (likely 1-3 articles)
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • Payment: Negotiable (per article)
  • Start Date: ASAP
Hiring Procedure
  • Click [Apply Now] button below to submit an application and upload materials. Please include/upload in your application:
  • - Your resume and a summary of your past related experience
  • - Files or links to writing samples
  • - A list of which kinds of topics (academic writing/journal submissions/journal publishing) you would be interested in writing about; we will provide a narrower list to try and fit your desired content and expertise
  • - Your expected pay per word/article (negotiable)

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