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Wordvice will edit your document a second time. After you have made additional changes on the basis of editor comments, you can choose to have your document reviewed for a second time. Your document will be returned with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure edited.

This service is designed for clients who want to make adjustments after a document has been edited. Many clients find that, once a document has been edited, they want to add or remove sections based on recommendations made by others.

To qualify for the Second Look service, you must submit your document within 21 days after your edited document is returned to you and your document must meet the requirements given below. Once your second draft has been successfully submitted, your editor will send you a revised version within selected turnaround time.

When to use the Second Look editing service

  • You have applied changes recommended by the edited version of your document.
  • Your revised document contains an additional text of no more than 20% of the edited version’s word count.
  • Your document is submitted within 21 days of the delivery of the edited version of your document.

When NOT to use the Second Look editing service:

  • The original document has not been edited by Wordvice
  • Your revised document contains an additional text of more than 20% of the edited version’s word count.

Things to be noted

  • Service charge = word count x price per word
  • Only Microsoft Word (doc, docx) documents will be accepted.
  • Make sure you enter an accurate word count. If your file’s word count exceeds the word count you selected, your submission will be placed on hold, and your deadline will be reset.

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