A powerful plagiarism checking tool for researchers and students

Wordvice has partnered with iThenticate to provide a plagiarism checker that identifies phrases and passages in your research paper that might violate plagiarism rules. Get a fast and accurate plagiarism check before you submit any academic paper.
A powerful plagiarism checking tool for researchers and students
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iThenticate Plagiarism Check

iThenticate is the most comprehensive plagiarism checking service provided by Turnitin. It identifies instances in your manuscript where you may have accidentally plagiarized another published text and provides details about similarities in a comprehensive report.
  • An extensive plagiarism check using iThenticate software
  • In-depth analytics provide visibility into content submissions and levels of originality over time
  • Check for plagiarism in any academic document
  • Includes 3 types of plagiarism reports
How do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

How do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

Plagiarism checkers such as iThenticate use advanced software to scan journal databases and check for matches between your work and published texts, including studies, books, literature reviews, and academic essays. These tools crawl and index internet content, scanning your text for similarities against a database of existing content on the web. iThenticate’s plagiarism checking tools can search for exact matches and highly paraphrased content as well.
Why Should I Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Why Should I Use a Plagiarism Checker?

Whether intentional or accidental, plagiarism is a violation of academic ethics and is not tolerated by universities or journal publishers. Plagiarism can cause your manuscript to be rejected and can harm your academic reputation and credibility.

Universities and professors use plagiarism checking software to scan student assignments, and many academic journals use similar anti-plagiarism tools before considering a study for publication. Plagiarism checkers can therefore be essential tools for students and researchers, allowing them to check their work for plagiarism before submitting it to a professor or journal editor.

Why is iThenticate the Best Plagiarism Checker for Papers?

  • Analyze your text with 3 types of reports

    Analyze your text with 3 types of reports

    iThenticate provides three main reports:

    • Similarity Report shows the most relevant matches.
    • Content Tracking Report shows all relevant matches.
    • Summary Report summarizes matched content and sources.
  • Collaborate and share your work

    Collaborate and share your work

    Share your academic documents with other researchers and peers over the course of a project.

    Our plagiarism checker applies to all documents in the collaborative workspace.

  • Refine your document’s similarity report

    Refine your document’s similarity report

    Options to exclude or add content to compare help researchers focus on critical content matches, allowing you to increase the efficiency when it comes to reviewing for plagiarism. Screen manuscripts for over 1,500 publishers worldwide.

Our Plagiarism Check is Ideal for…

Our Plagiarism Check is Ideal for…

  • Students writing research papers or essays for class
  • Authors concerned about the confidentiality of their work
  • Professors checking for plagiarism in student-submitted work
  • Researchers comparing their work against published texts
  • Writers who want to ensure they aren't plagiarizing other studies

Plagiarism Checker FAQ

Wordvice offers a flat rate of $80US per submitted document to iThenticate, regardless of document type or subject area.
iThenticate reports can take anywhere from a few minutes to a full day to generate. Wordvice provides a turnaround time of 24 hours for your plagiarism check.
All files submitted for a plagiarism check must be in a Microsoft Word format (DOC/DOCX). The file may not exceed 400 pages or be over 100 MB in size.
The iThenticate plagiarism check includes three reports indicating where potentially plagiarized text is located. Authors should take action on any matching content and paraphrase the writing to avoid accidental plagiarism.
Because iThenticate does not store user documents in a public database, your work will not show up as a match for the work you are currently checking for plagiarism.
The Wordvice plagiarism check is powered by Turnitin’s iThenticate solution. Your submitted work will be compared to texts in a database of over 165 million journal articles and subscription content, including Crossref and CORE databases, some of the most comprehensive databases in the world. The database includes billions of web pages (both current and archived content), a repository of work that has been submitted to Crossref Similarity Check and Turnitin in the past, and a collection of documents, which comprises thousands of periodicals, journals, and publications.
Because Wordvice’s plagiarism check uses iThenticate’s proprietary database-searching technology, we unfortunately cannot refund users if they uploaded the wrong document, nor can we authorize another plagiarism check for free. Your plagiarism check starts automatically upon payment, so it is important to be sure that you are submitting the correct document the first time.
Wordvice checks for plagiarism in your document only once. If you would like to recheck your entire document, please purchase a new plagiarism check. We do not currently provide a subscription service for unlimited plagiarism checks.
This depends on which repository the document matched to. For example, if two internet sources match an identical section of text, the most recently crawled internet source is displayed as the best match. If an internet source and a publication source are found to match an identical section of text, the publication source is displayed as the top match.