Freelance Editor

Job Description

Wordvice is seeking qualified and experienced freelance editors to join our team of professionals. Whether a research article, dissertation, thesis, or admissions essay, we aim to preserve an author’s voice and underlying message while revising the more technical and organizational aspects of that author’s writing. To achieve this goal, we require outstanding and intuitive editors.

Why edit with Wordvice?
Freedom and flexibility
Although we have fixed due dates, our freelance editors can work from any location with access to stable internet and Microsoft Word and are free to designate their own availability and the workload they can handle. Compensation is based on document word count and the turnaround time specified by clients. Available work is assigned based on suitable background experience and availability, and we have deadlines that range from nine hours to one week, depending on the size and type of the document, as well as on our clients’ requests.
Steady inflow of work orders
Our ever-expanding clientele means more work documents to edit, which means Wordvice can offer steady and consistent work for our editors. With increasing availability and performance, editors can receive more work and receive higher monthly pay. Workload also fluctuates by season, and there are times when editors receive more orders—but we will never give you more work than you can handle at any given time.
Efficient and convenient order-processing system
Our Order Manager was designed and built specifically with the needs of Wordvice’s clients and editors in mind—it handles orders smoothly and optimizes efficiency for users on both ends. Documents are allocated to editors by our Project Manager based upon their specific qualifications and area of expertise. Editors are able to interact directly with clients to resolve any issues and answer any questions that might arise.
  • - Edit and proofread academic papers, admissions essays, and other documents for grammar and mechanics issues and ensure natural language and flow of communication
  • - Retain original intended meaning while making revisions
  • - Write marginal comments explaining some revisions; include overall comment to the author
  • - Respond to order notifications promptly and meet order deadlines; if you have any difficulty meeting a deadline, notify Project Manager immediately and in advance of deadline
  • - Reply to clients and answer any questions they may have regarding their document
  • ■ Basic Qualifications
  • - Native fluency in English
  • - Be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program
  • - Minimum two years’ professional editing experience
  • - Knowledge and application of various formatting styles such as APA, AMA, MLA, and Chicago
  • - Advanced proficiency with MS Word and its “track changes” feature
  • - Strong technical writing skills
  • - A keen eye for errors in writing
  • ■ Preferred Qualifications
  • - Be independent and self-motivated
  • - Have previous experience at a professional editing company
  • - Have an educational background or have experience in medicine, engineering, or other biomedical and natural science domain
  • - Be able to meet frequent deadlines
  • - Be passionate about writing and editing
  • - Freelance, part-time
  • - Pay rate: Please include expected pay rate in application
Hiring Procedure
  • ■ Submit application and resume -> [Review Process] -> Complete editing sample -> [Evaluation of Sample Edit] -> Notification of results by email
  • ■ Press [Apply Now] button below to apply

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