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Wordvice editors strive to create perfectly revised documents that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Hundreds of academic manuscripts we have edited have been published in top scientific publications like Nature, IEEE, and Science journals. And thousands of our admissions clients have been admitted into the colleges and universities of their choice. Read just a few of the many excellent success stories in which Wordvice is proud to have played a role.

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Client Reviews of Our Editing Services

Click below to read reviews of our editing services from hundreds of satisfied academic and admissions clients.

Reviews from Our Service

  • Miguel Davila Mar-28-2024

    The edits are wonderful, but the organization in flow gives me peace of mind. I can move forward with my writing after getting this service. Thank you.

  • Thu Le Mar-22-2024

    Thank you Editor very much for checking our manuscript. We totally satisfy your correction and your feedback on time. From Thu Le - Lecturer, University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Sumalee Panthong Mar-21-2024

    These services are useful for preparing manuscripts for publishing.

  • Trisha S Mar-19-2024

    Marchella did not only proofread my essay but also provided explanations for why/how the revision strengthens my essay even more. It is my first time using Wordvice and Marchella U. did not disappoint. Highly recommended!

  • Libin Xie Mar-12-2024

    Deliver manuscripts on time and be trustworthy

  • Hironori Kobayashi Mar-11-2024

    Thorough editing to make my essays stronger.

  • leah katz Mar-09-2024

    Incredibly helpful. I used most the suggestions offered. Max really helped the flow of my paper without deviating too much away from my personal style and objective. Thanks a ton, Max!

  • Miguel Davila Mar-06-2024

    Excellent review of my work. Thank you!

  • 弘周 小林 Feb-24-2024

    I liked his editing and consideration on the returned document. My organization is Corteco Ishino Corporation and my position is an assistant sales manager.

  • Aviv Berkovitch Jan-31-2024

    Thank you very much! I like your feedback and editing!