[Video] Tips for Writing a Strong Personal Statement for Graduate School



The graduate school personal statement is a key portion of the application and admissions process for many graduate schools in the United States. In this video, we discuss the differences between the personal statement and other essays and give a detailed explanation of what you need to craft a successful essay.

Who will find this information useful?

  • Those applying to a graduate program in the United States
  • Graduate applicants who require a personal statement as well as a Statement of purpose

This video will provide you with:

  • Information about the personal statement
  • Differences between the personal statement and SOP
  • Analysis of a sample personal statement

Video Outline:

1. FAQ about the purpose and guidelines of the personal statement

2. Detailed list of what you need to include in this essay

3. Detailed analysis of a sample personal statement

For more information and writing tips, please return to our Resources page, where you can find many articles about how to compose strong personal essays.


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