Research Writing and Journal Publications E-Book

We’ve curated a collection of academic writing and journal publication tips for your convenience. By clicking the attachment link above, you can download your FREE copy of the e-book!

Free e-book on writing and submitting journal manuscripts

The topics covered in this guidebook include:

Journal Submissions

1.1         Three Ways to Increase Your Manuscript’s Chance of Acceptance

1.2         How to Choose the Right Journal for Your Manuscript

1.3         How Do I know If My Manuscript Matches a Journal’s Aim and Scope?

1.4         What is Peer Review, and Which Type is Best For You?

1.5         Why Proper Journal Authorship Should Matter to You

1.6         Three Issues about Naming Authors for a Manuscript

Research Writing

2.1         How to Write Strong and Effective Figure Legends

2.2        Tips on Writing the Methods Section of a Scientific Paper

2.3         Common Mistakes in Research Writing: the Results Section

2.4         Drafting a Powerful Discussion Section

2.5         Crafting a Compelling Introduction

2.6         Scientific Writing: a Verb Tense Review and Which Tense Should Be Used in Abstracts: Past or Present?

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